About us

We’re focused on developing innovative targeted drug delivery products with the goal of meeting unmet or poorly met user needs of patients and health care professionals.
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Improving quality of life through pain relief

Founded in Potsdam in 2017, our start-up is dedicated to the development of innovative implants for targeted drug delivery. Our target customers are health care professionals who treat patients with chronic pain and severe spasticity. At the core of all our activities is always the well-being of the patient.

In close cooperation and exchange with Aesculap and Christoph Miethke, we benefit from the strengths and competencies of two innovative companies in the field of medical technology.



The Idea

Targeted drug delivery implants can deliver drugs directly to where they’re needed. This increases their efficacy, since - in contrast to conventional, oral drug administration - they do not have to pass through the entire body. The dose can be significantly reduced, resulting in fewer undesirable side effects for the patient.

Our Philosophy

At B. Braun Miethke, all team members stand on equal footing, working together to solve problems while utilizing the strengths of each individual. Here the focus is not on what degree one has attained, but the willingness to use one’s skills to the service of the cause, to contribute in respectful cooperation and to act responsibly for the advancement of our common goal – improving the quality of life of our patients through innovation.

We attach great significance to the importance of human actions and their impact on product quality. Through our new hire and ongoing trainings, we emphasize to our employees the importance of adhering to the validated process descriptions and work instructions to safeguard the health of our patients.